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May 25, 2007



You have always told me that if you pray for the opportunity God will give it to you. Those are words to live by. Remember, however, that opportunity may not look like you want it too, may not feel like you want it too and will probably not come when you want it too. Sometimes what it comes down to is you being quite to hear and obedient to act. I know you can do both those things. Just lay it at the cross friend. By the way, Anna told me a bit about your client and I am so sorry about her difficulty. I will pray for her and her baby. Thank you for your concerning heart and love for doing the right thing.


Sometimes the moment is not always the best time. Keep on praying, keep on listening, and when the door opens again be ready.

I know it's hard, Jesus is only a profanity for a few of my childhood friends, but I wait for the spirit to give me the opening. Meanwhile prayer is not only great for them, but great for you...while you have to wait.

Jon DeWitt

One HUGE thing I have learned in the past year is that "WE" as followers of Christ Jesus, cannot do ANYTHING on our own. We cannot change someone to be like we want them to be, we cannot change the health of a sick person on our own and we cannot do things on our time, it is all on God's timing and grace if we lay it at His feet and ask Him to do his Will. Lift ALL things up in prayer and on His timing, our prayers will be answered! I will be lifting both of these situations up in prayer Judy! God Bless You!

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