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May 18, 2007


Peggy Bergfalk

you should have heard the conversation around the dinner table at my house tonight. i'll never tell - what is said at the lake stays at the lake. oh and by the way ty and ry are staying here forever


I LOVE IT!!! Nothing can stop a Bergfalk Babe when she sets her mind on something. Besides, everybody knows that in heaven ALL the doors are pink...or is that gold?


i do love it too! i hope you get to keep it, for a while anyway!

belinda Kendall

Wow! What a courageous woman you are! I LOVE it!!!!


Yes, I do love it too. So far so good the door will remain pink, maybe only until I go out of town:)


Yea, all kinds of men have doors like that. But they all have views of the Golden Gate Bridge.
Joe B.

luke Kendall

I like and agree with the last comment posted by Joe B. Yeah I really don't think that is allowed in Johnson County. I feel for Jeff and Ryan but I do have one note of encouragement for you, it could have been worse they could have painted the Garage Door(s) too. I hope I didn't give them any ideas...sorry guys

Gary Kendall

Jeff, I had to drive by to see for myself. I feel your pain bro. I do admire Judy's courage :) Maybe that's the same thing that allows her to venture out to India. You guys are great friends. Thanks for being who you are.

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