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July 25, 2007


Sheri Burrell

My neck is so blasted sore! I never realized how heavy my head was until my neck was too sore to hold it up! I was thinking of you outside the wake. You didn't mean to go there, you just ended up there. Your leader/husband was trying to insstuct you how to get back on track, but you shook your head and said no, too scared. I was thinking today, how many times I have went outside the wake, never knowing how. Yet my Lord is always trying to instruct me to come back only to realize I am too scared. Not sure why I get scared, but I do. I eventully listen and we hook back up behind the boat, safely. God is there to guide me and keep me from the waves of life. So yes, the momentary thrill isn't always worth the future consequences but thankfully we have a heavenly Teacher to guide us.

Peggy Bergfalk

Hey there girlfriend - I want to see you able to do a FLIP and come out of it standing upright on the wake board by time you get here to the lake!!! I think that would be a Bergfalk Babes challenge like none other - you can do it. Love Mom (full of Mercy)!!

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