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October 22, 2007


Peggy Bergfalk

You're right - gotta a love that son of yours AND his dog - way to go you guys! What's this with Sheri running ahead of you - oh that's right - you were the "old" one of the team!!!


Great job on finishing the race!! I hope you enjoyed it. If you're up for another one, my dad and I are going to run the Indy Mini, it's a half marathon in May. It's a great race and it's a flat course. I think my dad just wants to run another one with me so he can beat me next time :)

Sheri Burrell

Judy, you looked great! There is something so wonderful about setting a challenging goal and accomplishing it! You did it and you did it with style and grace. The training is really the hard part and you survived. This trip of yours tomorrow, well, I know you will accomplish God's will and again you will do it with style and grace. I am praying for you and loving you there and back. Go get 'em Sister!

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