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November 28, 2007


Sheri Burrell

I think you need breakthrough!! I was also recall very clearly you stating not too long ago that you were NOT going to over do it this year. You even mentioned that you just might not put up a tree (until Anna heard that). Regardless your house looks great. I don't know where Jeff sits in the evening to watch the game, but it looks great!


Before I start the Christmas decorating I always say to myself there is no need to get it all out. Once that first box of Christmas cheer is open, I get inspired and before I know it the house is full of Christmas cheer. Is there a recorvery program for this?


Omg you two are so funny.. i think we should start a hoarders recovery programs for christmas and i guess for all decoration hoarders like my mother!!!

Peggy Bergfalk

Go Lindsey!!!!! Once your mom has "recovered" she can be a facilitaor for the program!!!! I don't have any idea where she get's this "over decorating" trait - do you?


oh grandma i think you should probably join the hoarder's recovery program also..sorry to break it to you!

Peggy Bergfalk

Hey There Miss Lindsey
You get yourself up here to the lake and check out my cupboards and my decoration closet - no hoarding going on here - those days are long gone for me - don't use something, don't use it to decorate with, or don't wear something in a year and one months time - off it goes to the Thrift Shop!!! Woo Hoo - I'm recovered!!!!! You are the next generation of hoarders so look out!

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