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April 11, 2008



excuse me but why is the word adults in quotes in this blog is that suppose to mean something.....


You ARE too young to have three adults. Nothing wrong with that though.
Your kids are so beautiful! You must be one proud mama.

God bless-

Peggy Bergfalk

Hey Lindsey - it means you'll always be your mommies "babies" - but you and I know she doesn't always live in reality - right! You are looking like adorable "adults" to me - oops I mean ADULTS

Angie McDowell Garza

Your kids are gorgeous! I agree, even though they are grown, they will always be your babies. angie


My mom says you are 45. love, judann

Judy @ In His Grip

Okay, now that you have called me out in front of the whole world, I was trying to hang on to 43 for a couple more years at least.


You're kids are beautiful!
Seems so odd to think about "adult" children... where I'm at it seems one of those things that's so far off in the future I just can't even comprehend... but I know it'll all fly by and I'll be saying the same thing soon enough.
And yes, they'll always be my kids!

Congrats on turning out some good "adults". :)

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