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October 18, 2008



Yeah Mom Yeah!!!!!

Sheri Burrell

Yeah girls, your Mom ROCKS! She doesn't give herself enough credit, but she ROCKS! I didn't like finishing with the Marathon Winner. They just shoved me aside like yesterday's news. I may need to talk this through....


Great job! What a sense of satisfaction you must be feeling right now. Drink lots of water, eat what your body needs and get some rest.

Peggy Bergfalk

Yeah Judy and Sheri - AND yeah to that handsome young man hanging in the middle of you two! He looks just like my oldest grandsom!!! Good job Ryan! Wish we could have been there

Glynis DeWitt

Great job! Always good to take minutes off your time. I was looking for you. Lots of runners today. The weather was great. I always say about 4 miles in why am I doing this. Then when it's over I know why I do it. Such a great feeling. Sheri way to go. Running a marathon then a week later running a half. I can't even think about running right now.


Congratulations on your marathon! Way to go!
I'm visiting you thru Vanessa's party list!
Happy early Halloween!


Im so proud! I wish i could have been there but I hope you had lots of fun! Love you!

Sandra Evertson

WoW! Congrats!
And a Happy Halloween to you!

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