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January 14, 2009


Peggy Bergfalk

I'm lovin the new favorite color "RED" - I can't wait to see the "Studio" in real life - what fun to go to work everyday - let's see can we come up with a more exciting word than "work"


so cute judy. love the red and white.


The saying goes "don't be jealous" too late I am. Looks great.

Belinda Kendall

You are an AMAZING woman!!!!!! Gifted, sweet and humble, too!!!!!! and creative out the wazooos!

Hey, could you possbly find about six or seven more baskets big enough and cheap enough to get to hold the Bibles in the back and front of the auditorium at Indian Creek?

I have been looking at the broken plastic tubs and longing for something nicer. Looked at Target and they are just too expensive! (I don't think that we could use the red or white spray paint though. ) Any ideas?
Love you, Sister!


Hey Judy. Hope you had a super duper birthday! Are you gonna do Three Word Thursday this year? Today's Friday ya know!! :)

Belinda, you can watch Hobby Lobby. They have their baskets 50% off about every three weeks. I'll be watchin' too.

Judy@In His Grip

Sheri, you are right I totally missed Three Word Thrusday yesterday. I do plan to keep that up.

Peggy Bergfalk

Well Judy I was thinking you missed it on purpose because the obvious three word Thursday would have been "It's My Birthay" - I can't figure out why you wouldn't post that :)


AMAZING!! I need to visit IKEA and see if they can help me get organized! GREAT blog! Visiting from SITS :)


OH MY GOODNESS! I am so very impressed by your mad organizing skills. Are you available to come and do my house?
Just jumped over from SITS...hope you feel better.


Love the sewing area...it's awesome!


Great work!!! It looks fabulous!!

The Rambler

Visiting from SITS...Congrats on being the FB!

You did an AMAZING job on your workarea! And I am taking away some tips!

Love love love what you did! :)


Love your new studio area! Colors are gorgeous!! LUCKY YOU, the rest of us will still be working in the work room :)

Christina Wernstrum

Stopping by from sits man i know to covet is a sin , but dang I want that room!

Deborah Napoleon

Popped over from SITS for your special day and I am so impressed with this space! Great work!


What a beautiful room! I'd love to spend some time creating in there!


You ROCK! I am in serious need of an organization overhaul and you have inspired me! Honestly, you did a great job and I'm sure your space is so much easier to work in now. We're trying to relocate our "office" to the basement to make a second room for our triplets. I hope everything turns out as functional and attractive as your project has!


Your studio looks AMAZING! Great job! One of these days I'll get motivated to update my craft room...working in an organized space like that would be HEAVEN! :)


I'm sooooo jealous! It's fabulous!
Happy SITS day!!!


Awesome! I wish I had a room like this!


Came over from SITS! This is beautiful! This is my dream someday!


It is beautiful! Love the Red! When did you say you were going to be at my house? LOL ;)

Missus Och

Your office is now my inspiration to redo mine. It looks great, and I love that RED! Happy SITS day!


I love what you did to the room! It looks great!

The Muse

Marvelous! And Red....ok you have me! LOL LOL


I love the red. And I am jealous of the whole set up! it looks great!!!!


Okay...you are WAY TOO crafty! If I visit your blog regularly, I will be feeling inadequate for the rest of the day! But I am LOVING the red. It's great in there.


It looks GREAT~ you've inspired me to get my "workroom" a little more organized. Maybe it will be a studio too, someday :)


Love the chalkboard! My husband and I are getting ready to remodel our kitchen, and I want to paint a chalkboard on one of the walls. Yours' is a great idea! Also, love IKEA!

one healthy mama



LOL I left a comment for this post in the one under :) this room looks so cool :)


This is beautiful. What an inspiring place to create in!!

Grocery Mama

Wow!!! Honestly, can you come to my house!!!


I love what you've done! Stopping by from SITS!


Oooooh....ahhhhh....I'm so jealous.....CONGRATS!


Love the red!!! I have those same red IKEA boxes. I went with red and black for mine, but I really like your white; I think it looks cleaner. Were did you get the giant scissors, I would love a pair!


Wow!! What a talent. Are you ever in Nebraska per chance? :)


Hurray for being featured on SITS! I LOVE your new studio! :)


I am so very envious of your studio. I want one! My studio consists of the 6 ft long table like you have in your top picture. :) Happy scrappin to you.


It looks amazing!!! Great job!


This is incredible!!

I hope you don't mind, but I'm "borrowing" your window pane idea - fantastic.

Lindsey Langhans

Congrats on being the featured blog on SITS! I am soo jealous of your amazing studio! This is the stuff of my dreams!!


It looks great! I love the choice of colours. Actually it leaves me a little jealous, my "area" is in the garage and doesn't have a lot of space at all.


I am so jealous! I would love to have a space like that for all my crafting needs! Love it! Happy SITS day!


Visiting from SITS. I love, Love, LOVE your studio!!! Wow! I love the red and white. Just WOW! Thanks for sharing!


You did an AWESOME job!! Do you wanna come organize my place? I'm in serious need of organizing help! haha I'd even pay you!!


Nice! I love the color combination!


I love your studio. I love the color red too. I think I'm a little jealous.


I love the colors you chose and that everything is so functional yet still attractive!


It's beautiful! You have done a great job decorating, painting, and re-using! I'm sure you'll be very happy working in the Studio!

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