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January 21, 2009




I posted a tid-bit about this bow on my blog today too! Well, I guess if anyone can pull off wearing a bow like that, it would have to be Aretha!!

Nancy Light

I have now seen everything...my friend Judy (aka Gidget) thinks a bow is too big!! The funny thing is you were the first person I thought of when I saw that hat!

Peggy Bergfalk

Your dad and I are laughing - we thought the bow was way too big also - however those two little blondes with the HUGE bows are just the cutest things ever.....next BB's needs to be centered around a "bow contest" - can't ya just see it now!!!! Bows on our hats, in our hair, around our necks, on our shoes - I'm already planning my outfit!

Lindsey S.

haha omg i just dont even know what to say... the pictures of anna and i....grandmas crazy ideas....i just cant handle it!!

Sheri Burrell

Way to big of a bow on little cutie pies is one thing, but a full grown woman? That's a completely different story. Peggy, how can I become a BB?! I want so bad to wear a big bow with you!!


Im with lindsey i just don't know what to say!!!!


I had very similar thoughts! Only Aretha. :0)

Sheri Burrell

Okay, I forgot that I looked at your blog already today. So I am sitting here looking at Linz. Geeze Judy, that bow is nearly as big as her head! I'm just giggling out loud.


Hah! I thought the same thing when she came out to sing. Now, don't get me wrong, I love me some Aretha Franklin. But holy cats, that is SOME bow. The blondies are cute, though! ;)

Peggy Bergfalk

Okay Sheri - I dare you to wear a big bow somewhere - in your hair on your shoes, whatever - we are coming thru Kansas in April and I DON'T want to be disappointed by you!!!
And as for you Lindsey and Anna - start getting your bows out for the next ALL BB retreat - the granddaughters will be included in this one!!!


hmmm....gotta disagree, I think Madame Aretha can wear ANYTHING.


I used to wear big bows, but that one ladies bow is HUGE, LOL


I'll bet I have some pix with my girls in big bows as well. However it was the influence of my sister that caused me to do such a thing. Cant wait to see if the fashion have something to say about the bow.


I just took another look at Aretha. I think the bow hurts.

Peggy Bergfalk

oh my gosh you are right Lori - I would have a massive headache if I wrapped that big bow around my head and then have to sing while my head is bound up tight - ouch!!!!

Rebecca Jo

Actually - I thought that was very reserved for Ms. Franklin... I've seen her in some crazy get-ups!!!


LOL, how great. This was apparently a flashback to the early 90s where if your bangs were not high enough you better be compensating with the bow!


Luckily Judiann missed the "bow" phase. But the boys had some pretty serious "bowl" haircuts in those days.

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