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April 21, 2009


Sheri Burrell

I couldn't agree with you more Judy. I believe the worst thing we could give them is pity. While I may have thought before, they have nothing. But I was wrong. They have everything we have, it just looks different. These kids are well cared for, loved by each other, fed, clothed, educated and most important, they know Jesus Christ. We just need to continue to support, pray and encourage them, so they will survive and in time, they will be able to invest in their Nation as they have been invested in. It can be a beautiful cycle. It's funny, as I am processing what happened over the weekend, I realized while I so wanted to bring these two friends home with me, I knew they had to stay so one day, they can make a difference in their Nation. My heart will never be the same because of how they loved me for the short time we connected. I will never forget the touch of my hands on their skin nor their touch on my skin. Betina and Wilmak are forever a part of who I am and I am humbled that God favored us by allowing us to catch a small glimpse into His heart.

Peggy Bergfalk

Oh Judy and Sheri - I am so pleased that the two of you got to experience this together! The pictures of you with those children are so beautiful and just confirms that God truly is the Almighty Creator! Each one of those children's names are written on the palm of His hands and one day you will both rejoice with them at the feet of Jesus!!!!! How cool is that!!! God bless you both for giving of your time to give back to others.

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