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September 21, 2009


Peggy Bergfalk

That just looks like way too much fun! Did Paola play Gardner "waaaaaaay" back when you and Janet were in school? If so, was there that much school spirit displayed? Gosh I hope Gardner won!

Julie Bilhimer

I'm glad that you guys came! And it's OK if you want to say that Joe Bilhimer was Jeff's co-worker with a Blazer Blue mohawk!!! I think he enjoyed the attention he got from his hair as much as he enjoyed the game. He loves the Coach Diener in-your-face atmosphere, and the fact that the community is finally finding itself again. For a while, we were a little big town. There wasn't much of a turnout for home games. Then came success in sports and a slow economy, and people around here started figuring out that getting together to support the local kids is a great thing (and fairly cheap entertainment)! Those kids really work hard for their accomplishments, and our support is the least they deserve.

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