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October 26, 2009



ok girl this is so good. i just might have to copy for a lamp in my spot. Lori

Peggy Bergfalk

Hmmmm - do I sense a bit of comptition between the sisters! You go girls - pumpkins, lamp shades - whatever it takes to keep you both creating!!! You are both so good at it!

Peggy Bergfalk

This is just way too cute - do you know how many 100's of patterns I have thrown away in my lifetime of making those crazy outfits for you and your sisters when you were little!!! Can't wait to see it in real life!


Another great lampshade idea!! There have been several this week that I just love and yours is one of them!


Lindsey S.

grandma i would have loved to have those old patterns!!

Peggy Bergfalk

Hey Linds - are you wishing for the patterns so you could make a cute red dress for yourself with big white eyelet circles around the bottom of the sleeves? Yup your mom & her sisters had them - and so did I - what was I thinkin!!!! Remind me to show you pictures sometime so you can have a good laugh!


Well, now. I like that idea! How clever:)

Someday Crafts

That's a really cool idea! I like it a lot!

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