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November 13, 2009



I, too, was gifted with this book. I have been carrying it around like a child with a blankie and reading it every spare moment I get. It is wonderful!!!! I'm even planning on busting out the cinnamon rolls for the extended fam on Thanksgiving! (I was going to blog about the book, but you beat me to it!) :-)2fmryw

The Park Wife

The book is incredible and so worth wiating in line at her book signing to meet her!

Sheri Burrell

Rumor has it you have to have tickets for the signing in OLP and it is sold out. Which is bad news for me because I didn't think that far ahead and now I don't have a ticket. Oh well I'm good with the book. FYI.

Ann Religa

See you at the signing. I saw Toni Putizer and John Karr the other day. Their daughter is playing BB for K-State and I have season tickets. She is really doing very well. She has started several games and I am sure she will do a great job! Even if I dont see you have a great time at the PW signing, I will. I am going to the evening program ~ Almost forgot found some fabric for my couch I think it will be fake distressed leather look alike from Lazy Boy unless it is just way out of my price range. The local decorator shop cannot get it with enought the fabri with enought rubs in the look I like. Ann

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