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November 25, 2009



yahh for skinny jeans! Arent they just awesome with boots! Its worth it.

Sheri Burrell

Couple of things here Jude... 1st and foremost, I didn't know you took a picture of me in my jeans. Oh well, what can I do about it now?! Second, this goes down as my all time favorite post!! I am laughing out loud. Not LOL, for real laughing out loud! Only you would have the courage to post this! I love it!! And I told you just cut the tag out and pretend they are whatever size you want them to be! That's what I do!!


great sense of humor sis. I am proud of your courage and confidence to admit to this most humbling fashion experience. I am guessing the pix above are your BFF Sheri and not size 15. You go girl you are cute, sexy and fun forty something no one has to know the size, except you posted it on the world wide web. oh my gosh what were you thinking? Oh I remember now you were thinking I,m looking good, feeling good and this boot camp thing made a big change in my knees.

Ann Religa

Ok, I got mine at J-Jill and the lady tired her darnest to get me to buy the size 6, which I did not way too tight! I got the size 8 which I am sure is really a size 12 or larger. So, my friend do not worry about the number in fact it is just a number. The question is are you hot!! TeeHee!!

Judy@In His Grip

Okay, Ann, to answer your question I am not sure anyone in their 40’s can be “hot” to anyone else but the one who loves them. So, yes, Jeff thinks they are “hot” but thinks I should have bought the size smaller. Whatever! All I can say is, it is good thing they come with spandex in them or they would be very uncomfortable.

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