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March 13, 2010


Sheri Burrell

Stunning! Absolutely stunning! Also, Lindsey looks JUST like Gma Peggy in this picture!! How cute is that!!

Sydney Martin

Oh my word! Breathtaking! It does indeed look like God took His hand to the landscape with a paintbrush and had His way with it. Scenes like that make me exclaim, "All to your glory, Lord, all to your glory!"

God has blessed you with some of His creative talent. You have a way with pictures! Now I feel like I have been there myself. Thank you!

Sydney Martin

Belinda Kendall

Amen, Sydney! What breathtaking pictures, Judy! Thanks for taking us with you to the Grand Canyon!
Just don't drink the "grey" water! Ask Tim Stout later!
Have a great trip!


Just amazing! I have heard from everyone who visits that the beauty is amazing!

Mary Craig

These pictures are awesome! God is wonderful!

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