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April 18, 2010


Crafty Mummy

It's beautiful and I would never have picked it came from a bedhaed! So clever! Just popped over from Keeping it Simple :)


SUper cute and I adore pink !

Amy Hodges

Such a creative idea. You should enter this in our contest at peppertowne.com the winner gets free advertising for one month.


LOVE THIS! Can't wait to see your porch. I'm sure it will be darling!!



Fun! I can't believe you bought the bed set for only 7 bucks! I turned out really great :-)

Becky - Clean Mama

WOW! That's awesome - I love your PINK door too!

Turley Times

WOW! That is amazing!



love love! beautiful job!

Sydney Martin

I think you need your own tv show. KCPT would be a good venue. Really! You have a knack of making all these projects look so easy to accomplish. The ideas are usable, doable and inspiring.

belinda s.

This is SOOOO cute! I have always wanted to try this too. Thanks for showing me how!



Love this! Especially the color. My husband and I made one last summer. To this day it is one of my favorite make overs.

Sandi ~ A Cottage Muse

I love this and your step by step makes it look so easy to do! Thank you and so glad I stopped by!!


I love it! I have a link party on saturdays that I would love for you to join

Condo Blues

I have a bed frame and if I can't make it fit in my guest room, I'm going to make it into a bench.


That is AWESOME! You did a great job and THANK YOU for the tutorial!!!!!


Wow! What a great project! I love it!


What a cute bench! And I love that you did it using an old bed, really cool!


What a great idea! I love it! I have a wrought iron frame that I keep thinking would make a great outdoor bench. I'm so not good with constructing things, though. Can you cut through wrought iron? Lol.

Michelle Rayburn

I had a glitch. Sorry if this posts twice.

This is so sweet. I love the shabby chic finish too! Pink is also my favorite color. Thanks for linking up to my blog party.

from Trash To Treasure Decorating


The bench turned out great. The door looks awesome as well. Can't wait to see the Pink Porch completed. Lori


I have seen this done before, and it is amazing. You did a fabulous job! LOVE it!

Cathy M~

awesome & truly creative. Best bench I have seen in ages!


Yours looks way cuter than mine, but I guess it would since I bought mine from "Corky." So what do you think you could do with a little bike I need to spice up for Sister?!


What a wonderful project! I just popped over from Trash to Treasure Decorating when I saw the cute Pink Bench Button... Wonderful job and the color is charming! I feature trash to treasure hand painted furniture projects once weekly for the Creative Recycling Blog challenge I just started! Pop over sometime and take a peak... in the mean time, keep those creative juices going!
Dandelion Wishes,


ps. let me know if you would like me to add this project with a link to your site! I just love it!
I would love to share it with others! I'm keeping a running list of folks who are playing!

Dandelion Wishes,


Hi Judy!
Thanks so much for popping over and joining us in the Creative Recycling Blog Challenge. I've added your link here


I can't wait for others to see your lovely bench!

Feel free to grab my creative recycling button from my home page and include it in any future posts you would like to enter! It's that easy!

Dandelion Wishes,


If you've ever visited my page you know I am a HUGE fan of headboard benches! You did a great job! I love the way this one turned out.
visiting from Becca's!


Stephanie Lynn

This is simply darling! Love the color, Love the shape! Stop by the Sunday Showcase Party if you get a chance ~ Hope you are enjoying your weekend! This turned out super cute!


This is gorgeous! You did a fantastic job! I'm including it in my DIY Project Parade highlights (feel free to grab the I'm Featured" button from my blog)! Thank you so much for sharing your creativity! :)


This is seriously gorgeous. Grea job!


That is so completely cute. I showed Husband and he loved it. I guess I will be looking for a cute bed frame now ;)

Stacey @ Fun to Craft

What a great idea. I love it!! Turned out so cute. Thanks for sharing at 'Look at me, I'm SO Crafty!' at Fun to Craft.

Lacyfamily Est 2006

Awesome transformation!! I am using this as an inspiration for re purposing a sleigh bed and chest of drawers with the same application. I was wondering what kind of sanding technique you use? I began using my electric square sander but was turning out as vintage dramatic as i wanted. Need help! Thanks from West Texas. (lacyfamily_est.2006@yahoo.com)

eksypnes symboules

It's beautiful !!

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