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April 20, 2010



You would think the other animals would warn that little rodent when one messes with Pink Mama. I mean, really, poo on the outstide of a window is NOTHING compared to knawing on the daddy-made chairs. I think I know what you have in mind for Mr. Squirrel. I just have one question: Can I watch? :-)

Peggy Bergfalk

Oh Judy, I am so sorry about the chairs - for goodness sakes FEED that squirrel some bird seed -he's screaming "I'M HUNGREY" and you know what - those chairs were out in HIS yard/HIS territory - they belong on the patio which is YOUR patio/YOUR territory. He is declaring war - don't you wish Dad was here to fight this battle with you!!!! Can't you just see him planted at the patio door waiting with.....well I'll not say what he would be "waiting with."!!!! The battle has been declare - now go make your Dad proud!!!!!!

Peggy Bergfalk

Okay it's me again - I've been thinking - that Austrailian Timber Oil coating that we do on those chairs is pretty potent stuff - how stupid(or hungry) can that squirrel be. The up side of that is this .... no battle may be needed - maybe Mr. Squirrel's friends have already had a burial for him - we can only hope :)

Mary Craig

Oh no! Poor chairs! I hope you "Get" him! LOL

Cathy M~

what a sweet & lasting gift from your father. I have a very strong feeling that you will win over pesky squirrel!! You should stop by my blog~I have a giveaway & it would look great with your chairs!! (also I am wondering what your Dad is thinking of this "situation"?!)


Oh no! I now hate the squirrels too Judy!! My money is on you. "Annie get yer gun, there's a varment on yer porch."

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