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April 16, 2010



So excited for the pink door to come back! Who wouldn't want to live in a house with a pink front door..?

Dawn McVey (dawnsing)

I LOOOOOOVE it! Seriously!!


I love your door. Jeff you are a hero for supporting your wife & family on the best looking door in your town.


LOVE LOVE the pink door. I live in a rental so unfortunately have lo live with the bleu door i have duh. BUT many other pinks show up beside it do...lol ;)

Anthony Blommel

Cute pink door! We are currently fixing things around the house. And my wife thought of having pink front doors, too. What do you think? Well for me, I really don't mind, as long as it will make our house look beautiful.


Gorgeous! My daughter and I are considering a pink door too- no boys to disagree! Might I ask what color pink you used? It's lovely!

Deborah Lundquist

I would love to know the color of your GORGEOUS pink color used here on your front door? Thanks so much!

Brenda McCain

I am about to paint my front door and shutters a pale pink! I have gotten a lot of negative feed back from family and friends but, it's my house! Nobody but me and the cats live here, and if I don't like it, paint is cheap!!!!! I am so glad to see a positive attitude about it. My house is very old and I think it would be lovely!!!!

Zetta Jenkins

I absolutely love your pink door please tell me the name of that pink paint. I live in Greenville South Carolina and I would love to be the only one of my street with the pink door like that.

debbie robertson

what color is the pink you used

Judy@In His Grip

It's a custom color. I literally took a pink germanium in and they matched the color to it. Sorry.

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