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November 24, 2010



Okay, first off Judy... Chad doesn't "install" trees, he "plants" them. (I'm sorry Chad, sometimes she can be so embarrassing.) Second off, I have a lot of stress over this tree. (I was told it's an Urbanite Ash.) The pressure is like buying clothes for young 20 somethings...


So happy for you that your tree is all installed. (Just teasing) I looked up Urbanite Ash and it looks like a beautiful and hardy tree. I hope it will grow quickly for you. We put up some type of maple a few years ago and it is so tall and lush. I love how it shaded the house this past summer and how beautiful it is all year long. Enjoy your tree they are a wonderful blessing from God I think.

Kaye Mcmilla

Baby trees are so promising. They're surely are symbols of hope. I can imagine this baby tree covering the front your entire house. Great job, guys!

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