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December 17, 2010


Peggy Bergfalk

Oh Judy - what can I say - beautiful poem - adorable picture - so thankful that we as a family all know that we will see him again when God chooses for us to go! As a mom and grandma, that gives me a peace that passes all understanding.


Ok so here I am two days in a row crying after reading your post. Sweet poem.
Thank you to your friend Donna. I love this picture. This is MY DAD.

Judy @ In His Grip[

Yep, Lori, I am sure this is what he looks like praising Jesus! Sorry for making you cry two days in a row, but I am thinking of him constantly and have this as my way to share how great he was to all of us.

Peggy Bergfalk

Okay - there's just something wrong with having the states of Minnesota, Washington, Kansas and Missouri so darn far apart. I want you all right next door to me so we can be together to cry and laugh and remember when, through this whole Christmas Season.
Thank you Jesus for the life full of love and fun we had with this adorable husband, dad and grandpa!!
Gotta close and go get a tissue to wipe my eyes and blow my nose :)
Luv Mom

Ann Religa

After 15 years of not having my Dad home with us for Christmas I can tell you this is the hardest year. And the poem is correct. I pray each day for your heart to heal for this loss. It is hard to believe how lucky we are too have our Parents be with us. This last year I lost a 50 year old 4-H mother to cancer she has a daughter who is a Junior in High School. We lost her father 4 years ago to a brain bleed he was 50 as well at the time. The 4-H member is now being raised by her Aunt and Uncle.
I know it is hard to celebrate all of the Happy times but I am sure that is what our Fathers want!

God Bless.


Judy, This poem touches me so much as my mother and my mother-in-law both will be spending their first Christmas with Jesus this year. This Christmas is going to be hard for us but I know it will be the best ever for the both of them. I plan to read this poem at our Christmas breakfast this year in their memory. Not sure I will be able to get through it so I will probably ask my daughter-in-law to read it. Thanks for posting it.

Ginny B.

I came to your site from Skip To My Lou to see the felted flowers. Something told me to click on this link. I just lost my dad in August, so this Christmas is full of mixed emotions for my family. Thank you for this post. Although it's made me cry, it does put things into perspective. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

Stephanie Rose

Wow....I can't make it past the 2nd line without crying. My Grandmother just passed away on September 14th. I am printing this and taking to my Grandfather to read. Thanks for sharing.

Shirley M. Wahl

I want this for my grandson, aged 21, who passed to heaven in April - can I get it without this photo? I would like to have this for his Mom.

David Portillo

in light of recent events, this really is comforting

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