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January 23, 2011



Ok folks. There it is in black and white. She said "if I do another one", she did not say she "would NEVER do another one." I still have hope for the ugly blue recliner in Sis's bedroom. You think Judy is optimistic...


Oh you did a great job. I have re-upholstered a few chairs and a couch and it is not easy. I have a chair in my garage right now that I want to make a slip cover for and I have been thinking of it for a month. It has been sitting out there for much longer but the urge to do it is getting to me now. I hope I do as wonderful a job as you have done here. I can't wait to see the couch you are going to recover.

Molly Hanson

Doggone it Judy! Why did you have to go and move away all those years ago?!? We could have had so much fun together. I've been wanting to try a re-upholstering project but I've been too chicken to try. A few more pictures like that and I might just brave it! It looks beautiful!


Great job! I'm always so nervous to do this, but someday I will just go for it! :)

Peggy Bergfalk

Nice, nice, very nice - can't wait to sit in it when I arrive this afternoon! Must say it was quite the accomplishment since I was there when you were in the midst of the "battle of the chair" and the chair at that time was winning:)


I am so impressed. I think the chair would have won if I had been in that battle. What a gorgeous chair you ended up with!!


Wow!! I am soooo impressed. What talent you have. I adore the contrast of the fabrics. What pride you must have each and every time you sit in that beautiful chair.. Thank you for swinging by to see the small hutch "makeover". hugs ~lynne~

adriann humphrey

you did a great job. my dad is an upolster- has been for years. and so i can say from experience that you have done a great job.

Dana Ward

If you have not been by already, I hope you enter my linky contest! You could be the Best of January 2011 and be showered with prizes! While you are there, I have several Valentines giveaways going on right now!


Ann Religa

Hey I redid a couch this past year and I used the fake leather that you can get at Neil Hill it is about $45.00 a yard. My couch looks great!

Milk & Cookie Party

You did a fabulous job! I'm very impressed.

Sew Woodsy

First off, Thank you for linking up to Sew Woodsy! Second off... you did a fabulous job on repurposing this old recliner. I have a chair that I need to "re do" but I am terrified of it... so for now the fabric remains draped over it! :)


wow!!! you did great. re-upholstering a recliner is a TON of work. thanks so much for joining my party.


You are a very brave lady. I could never in a million years do something like that. Chair seats are as far as I go. It looks fabulous! :)

Shermag Glider Rocker

I love the new color, you surely did a great job. I once tried recovering a ruined reclining chair but I gave up easily because i can't do it right you sure do have a gifted hands.

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