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April 13, 2011



My grandson used to see his Mommy and sister painting their toenails and he wanted it too. But his Mommy just explained that polish is for girls and boys do other things. He was fine with it but really if she had painted his toes too I don't think it would have hurt. Now that he is older he really knows the difference between boys and girls and he is in the "Oh Yuck, that's for girls!" stage. My boys wore my shoes and sometimes would put on a sweater of mine or something and both are very manly men now.

But in this society where so many are advocating the practice of bi and Gay life styles and in many cases cramming it down our throats. I can see how it can cause one to think "Is this just a cute ad or is it advocating something else?" We live in some hard times.


Wow, I think we as a nation are so ready to cause controversy out of anything and I am also a conservative-Christian. Yikes, I honestly don't see anything wrong with this ad.


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