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August 29, 2011



please explain to me why I didnt get one of those please!!


Lindsey, One word... Tribe.

Peggy Bergfalk

I'm with you Lindsey - after all I am the woman that "birthed" this creative person!!!!! I think that just might merit FIRST place :) Oh well - I've got two very cute key chains that I can ALWAYS FIND!!! :)
The Mom

Lindsey S.

Sheri, two words.....TRIBE BABYSITTER!!!!

Peggy Bergfalk

Hey Sheri - are you feeling a bit ATTACKED by the Bergfalk Babes Tribe :) No worry - we luv you no matter what!!!!!

Sheri Burrell

Ok Linds, you have a point, but remember, had I not birthed the little stinkers, there would not be a need for a Tribe Babysitter. So back to my one word... Tribe. Peggy, You do have a point in giving life to this creative little being. So I will go to bat for you at our next... oh yeah, our next TRIBE gathering. (I do love you all too, by the way)


Oh these are adorable, bright and cheery indeed!

I would love to see you link this post up at Freestyle Friday, going on now through Sunday night.

Hope to see you there ~ www.happyhourprojects.com


This is a sweet idea. I never thought of using those initial patches on a keychain!

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