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August 05, 2011



O.K., If you see the number of Blog posts increase greatly, you know that Judy has begun to "Speak" back to the fabric and I have checked her into the Sunny Side mental health clinic! (I often hear voices from her basement studio)

Her Loving Husband

Peggy Bergfalk

I am laughing out loud - first of all I'm looking at the picture and thinking what in the world does she have a scarf around her neck for in the heat of the summer in Kansas - well then I read on and she says it's a picture taken in January - okay so she's not crazy after all!!! Well, then she talks about the fabric talking to her - I'm sorry Jeff, she is getting too much like me and my little critters/"new best friends" that I talk to .... SCAREY!!!!
Her Loving Mom


I was going to skip the closing of the store in my area but now that you have posted this I think I may stop by after all. I love craft books and I have to go see what I can find.

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