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November 08, 2011


Peggy Bergfalk

Hey, I'll do anything for my gals as long as you all feed me and provide a bed to sleep in!! The picture of my "broad behind" is a "laugh out loud" kinda picture :)
The constrast color behind the shelves looks great - good color choice! Mom


I really love it too, Jude. Peggy, I have several beds, a huge pantry with LOTS of food and a side of projects. If any of those girls get on your nerves, head south. Oh, but drive PAST the first white house.

Peggy Bergfalk

Oh Sheri - I continue to laugh out loud :) I think you have the perfect little 4 year old "personal assistant" -I dare you to give her a bucket of paint and brush!!!!

Sydney Martin

Seems like such a little thing, to "paint", but what a HUGE difference it made! I lOVE the outcome. Thank you for sharing this idea. I had seen Nate Burkus do something similar on one of his shows. It's nice to see someone in the "real world" tackle it themselves and show the rest of us we can do it ourselves. (P.S. Please leave the "Fall" up until Thanksgiving. It looks so totally awesome with your new color.)


Wow Judy, it looks AWESOME! What a small change that makes a HUGE difference!! :)

Emily F.

New reader here. Love the new look of your fireplace/cabinets. But what I really wanted to comment on was the fact that you have your Mom around to help you. Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of my Mom going to be with the Lord. What a blessing that your Mom is willing and able to help you out! So, so precious.


Great transformation! Great Christmas decoration and I think I would try this kind of deco next Christmas.

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